Cliff Climb

you could climb
bare spine

fine lingering mist
above water falling
miles and smashing

you could dig
in nails and breaking
heartbreak and climbing

wending and divining
bending and blindly
stinging and scratching

leaps ravines,
deep divides

heaves to
on high,
heaviness sublimed

wreathed in rainbows
from below
at the waterfall’s knee

With Death

fuck you i have it

all you can do is badness

seminal in the sense of classic

like dim annals cold as benthic

breath discourse



no warmth, malice

denomination in the sense of

valor - misalliance.

dragons sell their scales

to the winds of witnesses


fuck you i have it

surplus labile relative

scalable INRI on inside

listing of values of of emery

boards to hold

vs. sticky liquids (shellacking)


sold armaments

bloated sorting mechanisms

forcing us first into flirting

with disaster, certain

starting positions

and furtive dalliance

Burn It Down

dead end ies

said inside


battered flesh

my hair’s an
ettin nest

breathly and burning


brown surface
slow dithering


wrist inspected


draw a bead

of blood




my personal macrocosm
is all hard metal

there’s fans
blades massive and spinning

that keep my inside vacuum

my crew begin to gasp


my hard shell folds out
a smooth and solid egg

becomes a set of curved blades,
my core exposed


twinkling grey arms with
my edges on the end of them

suspended, like a spider
surrounding my exposed crew

panicked spider babies
from my inside - cold


my shell, my blades,
my many arms, reflect space
and fold into spaces

i reach out and pluck lightly on the strings
severing myself from
the vibratory mode
of my existence


shattering the consciousness
of the poor crew
milliseconds before

they drown in space


twisting the remnants of their scintillating minds,
drawing on the skeins of the universe

spreading coloured thoughts across eachother
blending brains and blood

and eating artworks from their memories


all the while twisting,
i am an eggshell
of blades

i am the ship
of my body



all the universe to eat


if you really want to share the information, find the shortest simplest way to say it that says the least about you, yourself as the author

if you want everyone to see how smart and clever you are, well…

that’s a whole different story.

i am the information